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Made in the USA
Tuthill Competitor Plus

M-D Pneumatics®  Competitor Plus

Competitor Plus blowers were created to be interchangeable with comparable models of competing manufacturers. Rated up to 15 PSIG discharge pressure or 16“ Hg dry vacuum with a bi-directional rotation.

Tuthill Equalizer

M-D Pneumatics®  Equalizer

Designed to be interchangeable with equivalent competing models, EQUALIZER RM rotary positive blowers offer many distinct advantages when compared to other brands, such as helical gearing to reduce noise, rotors with integrally cast shafts, positive, locked-in end clearances to prevent internal contact and polished sealing surfaces.

Tuthill PD Plus
Tuthill QX

M-D Pneumatics®  PD Plus

The M-D Pneumatics® PD Plus High-Pressure Industrial Blower is known for quality, dependability and superior performance. Model options range from 3.25” to 12” gear diameter and 2.5” to 48” rotor length. Standard construction materials: cast iron housing, end plates, end covers and port fittings along with ductile iron rotors and shafts. Special materials offered: stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron. Single and double envelope gas service available with mechanical seals.

M-D Pneumatics®  QX

Qx™ Blowers are high performance, energy efficient blowers that reduces noise while providing long operating life at maximum operating conditions.

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